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Thursday   24/05/2018 Relatively  hot  to hot weather additional  significant  drop in temperatures but still above its annual means about 3 degrees, north westerly to south westerly  slight to moderate to active  wind

sea status  slight to moderate wave

Friday   25/05/2018  Relatively  hot  to hot weather,  rise in temperatures to be above its annual means about 5degrees ,chance of light rain  north  westerly to  north easterly  slight to moderate wind.

sea status  slight  wave

Saturday  26/05/2018  Relatively  hot  to hot weather no significant change in temperatures still beabove its annual means about 5degrees ,  north  westerly to  north easterly  slight to moderate wind.

sea status  slight  wave

Sunday  27/05/2018  Relatively  hot  to hot weather slight drop in  temperatures still beabove its annual means about 3degrees chance of light rain   north  westerly to  north easterly  slight to moderate wind

sea status  slight  wave




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